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Authors: Honarbakhsh, T., Kazemi, M.T., Hoseinzadeh, M
Publication Date: 2006
Article Type: Conference Paper
Article Title: Seismic Rehabilitation of Masonry School Buildings Using a Single Layer of Reinforced Shotcrete
Conference Name First European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, Geneva, Switzerland, 3-8 September 2006
PDF File:

Authors: Kazemi, M.T., Erfani, S., and Hoseinzadeh Asl, M
Publication Date: 2009
Article Type: Conference Paper
Article Title: VM, shear-flexural, link element for seismic analysis of steel frames
Conference Name Proc. U.S.-Iran Seismic Workshop on Improving Earthquake Mitigation through Innovations and Applications in Seismic Science, Engineering, Communication, and response, PEER Report, 2009/02
Pages: pp. 229-238
PDF File:

Authors: Kazemi, M.T., Hoseinzadeh, M., Bakhshi, A., and Rahimzadeh Rofooei, F
Publication Date: 2010
Article Type: Indexed Journal or ISI
Article Title: Shaking Table Study of a Full- Scale Single storey Confined Brick Masonry
Journal Name: Sientia Iranica, Vol 17
Pages: pp 184-193
PDF File:


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