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No.Student LevelNameLast NameThesisTitleDate
1 MS Goli Ramazani Wittgenstein and Gadamer 2012
2 MS Hamideh Nikfal Understanding in Gadamer 2012
3 MS Omar Payghami Gadamer and Habermas, A Philosophical Debate 2012
4 PhD Mohammad Mahdi Ardabili System of Jenas Metaphysics and its effects on Hegels Phenomelogy of Spirit 2015
5 MS Ashraf Farhadinia The place of Husserls Phenomenological Method in Gadamer 2010
6 MS Tahereh Tan Dialogue and dialectic in Gadamer and Plato (Socratic dialogues) 2013
7 MS Hamideh Wosoghzadeh traces of Gadamers philosophical hermeneutics in the religious thought of Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd 2012
8 MS Adel Mohammadi Majandeh Heideggers Philosophy of Religious 2016
9 MS Babak Zamin Khiabani Art in the First Part of Gadamers True and Method 2017
10 MS Mahdi Moradi The concept of Otherness in Emmanuel levinas 2012
11 MS Parvin Nazari The Components of postmodern art
12 PhD Mohammad Anbarsoz Intuition in Kants Theoretical Philosophy and Bergson Reading of it Not Finished Yet
13 PhD Hamideh Izadinia Gadamers Dialogue and Dialectical Ethics and Platos Presence in It Not Finished Yet
14 PhD Sedigheh Mosazadeh Nalband Examining Heideggers interpretation of the existence and not existence doctrine in Platos sophistry 2014
15 MS Fatemeh Shahbazi sexuality in Michel Foucault thaught 2015
16 MS Ameneh Irandost A review of the Plato s definitions of the Sophist in his Sophist treatise 2011
17 MS Towhid Milani The power in Michel Foucault s Thaught 2012
18 MS Nabiholla Soleimani Truth in Richard Rorty s Philosophy 2010
19 MS Nahid Najafpur Man and his attributes from the viewpoint of Ain al Quzat Hamedani and Mulla Sadra 2013
20 MS Masud Alizadeh Aghdam Heidegger s reading of Modern Times as Cartesian Age 2016

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