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No.Student LevelNameLast NameThesisTitleDate
1 MS Mahdi Nasiri The relations of Mongols and Europeans 2011
2 MS Maryam Hosseinpoor The cognition and evaluation of the manufactoral Crafts in the age of safavid 2010
3 MS Ebrahim Fathi Salamat The study of Timurs religious politics 2010
4 MS Tohid Sharifi Nigodarian & Qaraunas, The Rule of Joghatai horde’s elements in political & social evolutions of Ilkhanid and Timurid periods 2011
5 MS Himan Froughi The study of trade and commerce in Iran from arrival of Mongols until the end of Ilkhanids period 2012
6 MS Morteza Qasembagloo Shiism in the Islamic World during 7 to 10 centuries based on numismatic evidenses 2012
7 MS Umolbanin Meshkani Impact of Islamic revolution on Islamic movements in the Arabian Peninsula 2012
8 PhD Manuchehr Samadivand A survey about the affects of historical events on the development of Shiite jurisprudence in the Ilkanid periods May 2015
9 MS jale Motalebi A study about process of transformation & evolutions of national and religious rituals in Iran in the Safavid period 2013
10 MS Sara Azizi A Research About Social, Cultural & Political Status in Irans Mongol Period 7/1/2014
11 MS Evaz Nematpoor Azarbaijan social situation from Mongol invation to Ilkanied Abusaid death 9/11/2013
12 MS Jamile Gerami A research on religious Schools in Ilkanied period 4/2/2015
13 MS Morteza Ghassembagloo Shiism in Islamic World between 7-10 centuries according to numismatic evidenses September 2012
14 MS Ramin Dostmobaraki A survey of political and economical relations between Ilkanids and local Governments in Armenia and Georgia 27/3/2015
15 PhD Abd AL-Rauf Nasiri Jozqany The structure and the transformation of social classes in the Khorasan in the Mongols period Dec 2017
16 PhD Morteza Dawlatabadi Administrative structure of the province of Khorasan in Safavid period Not Finished Yet
17 PhD Husain Rasuli The cultural policies of King Mohammadreza Pahlavi in Kurdistan Not Finished Yet
18 MS Javad Khanbabaii Religious Conflicts between Siits and Sunnis in the Ilhkanid period Not Finished Yet
19 MS Yaser Soleimani Relation between the Ilkhanid Dynasty and the Golden Hord Government with Emphasis on Political and Economic Factors Not Finished Yet
20 MS Babak Salimi Niknam Mongol military operations in Russia and Eastern Europe 2017

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