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No.Student LevelNameLast NameThesisTitleDate
1 PhD Ali Abdi Extention on generel linear methods 2012
2 PhD Somayyeh Fazeli Multistep collocation methods for numerical solution of Volterra integral equations 2012
3 PhD Babak Shiri Numerical solution of a class of integral-algebrai 2013
4 PhD Ali K. Ezzeddine Extension of the stability region of numerical ... 2013
5 MS Negar Orangi Multistep collocation methods for solving VIEs 2010
6 MS Somayyeh Rashedi Homotopy perturbation method for solving sixth-order boundary value problems 2010
7 MS Azizeh Jabbari Application of variational iteration method and homotopy perturbation method to Kawahara equation 2010
8 MS Leila Shakourinia Exponential fitting BDF-Runge-Kutta algorithms 2010
9 MS Somayyeh Akbari A fourth-Order Runge-Kutta method based on BDF-type Chebyshev approximations 2010
10 MS Mehdi Falati Integration of larg stiff systems of ODEs with exponential propagation iterative methods 2009
11 MS Mehdi Ahmadi An aproved class of generalized Runge-Kutta methods for stiff problems 2009
12 MS Samira Karimi Numerical solution of perturbed ODEs 2008
13 MS Shamsi Ebrahimzadeh The Stability problem for linear multistep methods 2007
14 MS Elmra Ashpazzadeh Adaptive stiff solvers at low accuracy and complexity 2007
15 MS Mohammad Jafary General linear methods for ODEs 2005
16 MS Khadijeh Alizadeh Belended multistep methods for numerical solution of ODEs. 2005
17 MS Akram Movahedinejad Fractional Adams-Molton methods for solving FDEs 2011
18 MS Roya Dinpajooh Explicit methods for numerical solving of FDEs 2011
19 MS Saeed Bimesl Construction of general linear methods with Runge-Kutta stability properties 2012
20 MS Ali Sherbaf Error estimation for general linear methods in the Nordsieck form 2012

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