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No.Student LevelNameLast NameThesisTitleDate
1 MS Ghobad Salimi The effect of dual inoculation with AMF and B.japonicum on drought stress of soybean 2002
2 MS Laya Rasipour Interactions of phosphate solubilizing microorganisms and B.japonicum on yield and P uptake of soybean 2002
3 MS Shokrollah Asghari Comparision of different carriers for Sinorhizobium meliloti to production of inoculum for alfalfa 2002
4 MS Mohammad Reza Sarikhani Inoculation effect of potato with AM fungi on K uptake,starch content and yield of tubers 2003
5 MS Mohammad Reza Esfandyari Dual inoculations of alfalfa with S.meliloti and AM fungi on yield,leaf protein and nutrient uptake at different salinity levels. 2003
6 MS Mohsen Barin The effect of NaCl and mixed salts induced salinity on growth and yield of mycorrhizal tomatos 2003
7 MS Davood Farajzadeh The effect of inoculation with Azospirillum as PGPR on yield and nutrition of wheat (Cv. Ghods) 2004
8 PhD Parisa Alizadeh Oskouei The effect of VA mycorrhizal fungi on the decreasing of Cd and Pb toxicity, yield and vitamin C content of tomato under different levels of phosphorus 2004
9 MS Robabeh Barzgar Study on the Zn and P uptake by mycorrhizal rice plants 2005
10 PhD Saheb Ali Bolandnazar The effects of AMF isolates on water stress ,physiology , phenology and yield of onion plant 2007
11 MS Saheb Sodaei Kinetics of nitrogen mineralization in compost, vermicompost and manure amended to the soil 2005
12 MS Elnaz Sabbagh Effects of microbial oxidation of S? on micronutrients availability of the municipal compost in wheat plant 2006
13 MS Azad Ghaderi Effects of phosphate solubilizing bacteria on P release from variable charge minerals 2006
14 MS Habib Mehrpouya Assessment of nitrate and phosphate uptake kinetics usinf two species unicellular microalgae (Dunaliella teriolecta and Chlorella vulagaris) in water ecosystems 2007
15 MS Hasan Rezaei Beyrami Effect of helper bacteria on nitrogen fixation and nodulation of bean with Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. phaseoli 2006
16 MS Ebrahim Shirmohammadi Effect of mycorrhizal fungi on chelatores and H+ release and iron uptake by sorghum and tomato plants 2007
17 MS Shirin Farsad Effect of mycorrhization on salt tolerance of tomato ( Lycopersicum esculentum L.) plant with an special emphasis on antioxidant defence system 2008
18 MS Gholnaz Hakim Elahi Effect of root proton and phosphatases on P uptake by mycorrhizal tomato 2007
19 PhD Mohammad Reza Sarikhani Cloning of phosphatase-encoding gene from Pseudomonas putida strain P13 for transforming Bacillus lentus and assessment of the transgenic efficiency on growth of wheat 2010
20 PhD Davood Farajzadeh Study on the ACC-deaminase activity of indigenous Azotobacer isolates and transferring possibility of its encoding gene from Rhizobium to Azotobacter 2009

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