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No.Student LevelNameLast NameThesisTitleDate
1 MS Mansur Parsazadeh Effects of pH and nitrate to ammonium of nutrient solution on the growth and chemical composition of spinach
2 MS Sanye Mardomi Effects of waterlogging and organic fertilizers on the chemical properties of soil, growth and nutrition of sunflower
3 MS Elmira Sarhangzadeh Effects of NaCl salinity and waterlogging on the chemical properties of soil, growth and nutrition of corn
4 MS Setareh Amanifar Effect of two arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi species on lead uptake and translocation in alfalfa and sorghum
5 PhD Mohammad Rezaei Evaluation of nutrients uptake and changes in grain quality of bread wheat genotypes in response to water deficit
6 MS Mahdi Mostafaei Effect of intercropping and animal manure on the nutrition, growth and yield of corn, bean and bitter vetch
7 MS Masoume Abbasi Effects of soil moisture conditions and organic and chemical fertilizers on growth and nutrition of rice plant
8 PhD Jahanshah Saleh Effect of Silicon and Salinity on the Growth, Chemical Composition and Some Physiological Properties of Wheat and Rice in a Sandy Loam Soil
9 PhD Akram Halajnia Effect of layered double hydroxides (LDHs) application on nitrate leaching and nitrogen uptake by maize
10 MS Rashed Ahmadinezhad Integrated effect of organic fertilizers and nitrogen on nutrition, growth and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum cv. Alvand)
11 MS Negar Irani Effect of urea on nutrient availiability, growth and chemical composition of wheat and rice plants under different conditions in loamy sand and clay loam soils
12 MS Nasim Heidari Determination of organic and inorganic phosphorus and their relations with P uptake and growth of corn in some calcareous soils of East Azerbaijan province
13 MS Ayoub Shamsdanesh Effect of cow manure, nitrogen and sulfur on the growth and nutrition of sorghum
14 PhD Rahim Motalebifard Effects of soil moisture levels, zinc and phosphorus on the chemical composition and growth of potato
15 PhD Mahdieh Khorshid Shabestari Kinetics of Cr(IV) reduction and efficiency of different reductants in removal of Cr(IV) from contaminated soils
16 PhD Sirus Sadeghi The Interaction Effects of Zinc and Cadmium on Some Growth Characteristics, Enzyme Activity and Upper Critical Levels of Corn and Canola
17 PhD Sanye Mardomi Integrated effects of phosphorus and zinc on some antioxidant enzymes and elements uptake of rice in a Pb-spiked clay loam soil
18 MS Shahab Mahmoudi Effects of soil moisture levels and sewage sludge on the elemental composition and growth of alfalfa
19 MS Shakeh Markarian Effects of soil moisture and phosphorus levels on the elemental composition and growth of alfalfa inoculated with Sinorhizobium meliloti
20 MS Arash Mohamadnezhad Effects of organic fertilizers and soil compaction on the nutrition and growth of corn and wheat

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