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No.Student LevelNameLast NameThesisTitleDate
1 MS Salar Tafkiki Alamdari Modeling and Verification of Three Important Characteristics of Two New Access Control Polices in Pervasive Computing Environment Using Colored Petri Nets 2012
2 MS Mohammad Javad Parseh Multiple Maneuvering Object Tracking Using PF 2012
3 MS Marjan Zahraei Nekouei Using ANN for Known Plain Text Attack Not Finished Yet
4 MS Mohammad Javad Heydari Connectivity Preservation in Three Dimensional Sensor Actor Networks 2012
5 MS Negar Sadat Soleymani Zaker Committed Not Finished Yet
6 MS Majid Hatami Committed Not Finished Yet
7 MS Masume Kheyri Committed Not Finished Yet
8 MS Farzan Nowruzi Committed Not Finished Yet

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