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No.Student LevelNameLast NameThesisTitleDate
1 MS Ehsan Ziba Fault Detection, Classification and Location in Series-compensated Transmission Lines using a Combination of Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine (Advisor) 2014/09/10
2 MS Aram Ahmadi A Graph-based Classification Method for Hyperspectral Images (Advisor) 2014/12/10
3 MS Zahra Karimi Scalable Compression of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)-based and Computed Tomography (CT)-based Medical Images using Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) (Supervisor) 2017/02/06
4 MS Kawan Mahmudi Adaptive Compression and Reconstruction of Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) using Blind Compressed Sensing (BCS) (Supervisor) Not Finished Yet
5 MS Lida Zarey Lahijan Detection and Analysis of Retinal Blood Vessels based on Multi-scale Representation Techniques (First Supervisor) Not Finished Yet
6 MS Morteza Mohammadi Fam Brain Tumors Detection and Segmentation in Brain MRI Images using Statistical Features (Advisor) Not Finished Yet
7 MS Elnaz Foruhandeh Study of Robust Features for Emotional Speech Recognition (Advisor) Not Finished Yet
8 MS Hazhar Goyli Discrimination of Internal Fault from Magnetizing Inrush Current in Power Transformers Considering CT Saturation (Second Advisor) Not Finished Yet
9 MS Samin Taheri Dereverberation of Speech Signal Based on Estimating the Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) and Auditory Models (Advisor) Not Finished Yet

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